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Welcome to Renew Mama Studio

Renew Mama is a studio in Grand Rapids, MI dedicated to offering prenatal yoga, wellness and education to support women and their families. Renew Mama Studio is a community of mothers supporting each other through the spirit of yoga, mothering, and parenting. Our community creates opportunity for the mamas to stay connected, build friendships, and learn from each other as we move together along the motherhood journey.

We believe motherhood is a gift, a highest privilege, and one of the greatest responsibilities.



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I was rooted in strength, not fear.


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Finding Postpartum Support – You Are Not Alone

With my first pregnancy, I was one of those women who just loved being pregnant and may have actually been glowing. Then my water broke 5 weeks early. Rather, my water exploded as it doused the front seat of our car, leaking down to the toes of my boots while my husband and I drove home from our first parenting class.

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Babies Welcome at the Barre

After I had my second baby, it took a while to get myself to do anything outside of the essentials, like take my older daughter to daycare and run to the grocery store. After all, it was winter, I was nursing, my new baby was fussy, and I was just trying to make it through the day as a new mom of two. But once my doctor cleared me for activity, I knew I wanted to try and get back in shape more quickly than I had with baby #1, so I tried a Barre class at Renew Mama.

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What to Expect at a Renew Mama Prenatal Yoga Class

Do you remember sleepovers from middle school? Maybe you played MASH, watched scary movies, or choreographed dance routines. I distinctly remember the conversation always turning from boys and bras to periods. Who had theirs already and who, like me, were the late bloomers. We would listen attentively to each other and ask questions about what was normal. There is still something special about a group of girls or women coming together to share these uniquely female experiences. We can talk to our spouses about it, but only other women can understand how it really feels.

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