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Welcome to Renew Mama Studio

Renew Mama is a studio in Grand Rapids, MI dedicated to offering prenatal yoga, wellness and education to support women and their families. Renew Mama Studio is a community of mothers supporting each other through the spirit of yoga, mothering, and parenting. Our community creates opportunity for the mamas to stay connected, build friendships, and learn from each other as we move together along the motherhood journey.

We believe motherhood is a gift, a highest privilege, and one of the greatest responsibilities.


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Helpful advice and new class announcements

8 Things to Help You Prepare For Baby #2

When I saw our second child at the 12 week ultrasound a rush of emotions came over me! It made the pregnancy so much more real and it made me realize all the things I needed to do before baby #2 was born. The first trimester flew by chasing a toddler, so I knew the rest of my pregnancy would go even faster! Here is the list of things I came up with to prepare for Baby #2:

  1. Be honest with your toddler and help them become more independent
    As your pregnancy progresses, it’s important to be honest with your first child about how life will change with the new baby around. To prep, try teaching your child to be more independent in certain ways, like cleaning up their toys, practice getting dressed, any other things that your child may be capable of doing. Consider giving your child a baby doll or stuffed animal to “take care of” while you care for the new baby to make them feel included. While you want your child to be prepared, you also want things to feel as normal as possible. So make it a point to spend one-on-one time with them now and plan to continue to do that once the baby comes.
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Meet Our April Member of the Month!

Hi, I’m Brandy! I am married to my college sweetheart, and together we are raising four beautiful and busy daughters 🙂 

What I love most about Renew Mama is that it allows me to involve my entire family in yoga. My kids can participate in classes with me, my husband can come to special events with us, and I can go to classes alone for self care as well. 

I have taken just about every class that Renew has offered!! Currently, I like to go to Candlelight yoga on Monday (after the kids go to bed!!), Power Yoga on Wednesday evening, and Yoga Flow on Saturday morning.  I also like to drop in to Movers & Crawlers and Little Kids Yoga when the day allows for it 🙂

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Safe Babymoon Destinations

Babymoon • a relaxing or romantic vacation taken by parents-to-be before their baby is born. A babymoon is a real thing and if you’re pregnant you should definitely go on one before baby comes! Disconnect from the stresses of everyday life, spend precious quality time with your partner and treat yourself! You will NEVER get this quality time back!

Wondering when to go? The second trimester is the best and most comfortable time to travel. (According to the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, the safest time to travel is from 18 to 24 weeks.) Morning sickness is usually over, you tend to have a boost in energy, and your bump isn’t too big yet! Always check with your doctor prior to your trip just to be sure you’re safe to travel.

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