Is Prenatal Yoga safe for all trimesters?

Yes, Prenatal Yoga is safe for all trimesters. All of our instructors have been specific trained in Prenatal and can modify any pose needed. It’s such a nourishing practice for all stages of pregnancy.

What is the best class to easy back into yoga after birth?

The slow flow class is a perfect option to ease back into yoga. It’s designed to nourish, nurture, and restore your body moving mindfully and re-connecting to your body. It’s like a Prenatal Yoga class but with all your post-natal sisters!

What is the best age for Mom and Baby Yoga?

4 weeks to 1 year is typically the age for this class. Each child is different. I always say the mom knows when it’s time to try Crawlers or Tots Yoga.

Is Barre safe for pregnant mamas?

Yes, it is!! Come try it….it’s such a fun class!

What if I’m brand new to yoga?

Come try it out! It’s awesome! We have everything you need at the studio!

What is the best value out of your different price options to purchase?

The Renew Mama pass is by far the best value. With that pass you can take any class on the weekly schedule for you or a family member plus take advantage of the mama circle group. It’s a great deal!

What is the perfect time to come back to yoga after baby?

Most moms come back between 5-6 weeks. Some earlier some much later. Honor your body and listen to what it needs. Everyone is different.

What happens if I have to nurse my baby during baby yoga?

Of course. Please feel free to nurse, bottle fed, change your babies diaper. Anything goes in are Baby Mama Yoga classes.

Should I bring my own yoga mat?

You can, but we have everything!

Do I need to bring my own water?

We have water available at the studio at all times. We also have a variety of tea for mamas, friends, and families to enjoy.

There is a secret in our culture, and it’s not that birth is painful. 

It’s that women are strong.