Owner & Instructor

Hi Mamas!

I’m so glad your here. Renew Mama was started in hope to bring community back to motherhood using yoga, support, wellness, and education. We need community. We need support. We need the village. I wanted all of this when my first baby was born. I searched and couldn’t find somewhere were I felt accepted, loved, nourished, and respected for the mother I was.

Growing out of a dream Renew Mama was born shortly after my first baby. I wanted a place moms could come and be loved. Why? Because all mamas deserve a soft landing, a warm welcome, and a place to be at ease just exactly as they already are.

I am excited to welcome all the mamas to Renew Mama. A place where there is support, love, comfort, yoga, and so much more!!!



"We believe that we are all different mothers, raising different babies, using different beliefs to guide our decisions, and there is something beautiful to be said for that."