Amanda’s Favorite Postpartum Essentials

The weeks are approaching fast, I can’t believe I only have 5 weeks left being pregnant with my 3rd baby. In honor of prepping for baby number 3, I’ve gathered some of my favorite postpartum essentials. I’m a girl of comfort and ease so comfy nursing bras, pajamas, and fuzzy socks are definitely on the list. Enjoy mamas!

  1. Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Spray: This is by far one of my favorite products on the market. Most hospitals will give you some sort of spray or balm to apply after birth to promote healing. This spray is filled with all the good stuff. All your healing herbs for your sore bottom plus witch hazel. This also smells so good when you apply and is also affordable.
  2. Bravado Nursing Bras: Investing in a good quality nursing bra is key. My favorites are the Bravado and the Cake brands. Bravado also makes comfortable nursing tanks that are super comfortable. Nursing tanks pair nicely when a baggy sweater when you have to run to the store or make a quick stop at the gas station.
  3. Comfy Pajamas and Fuzzy Socks: It’s important when you’re up all night feeding your baby your comfortable. I found this adorable pajama set by Jessica Simpson I purchased. I typically also go to target and stock up on some warm fuzzy socks for those cooler winter nights.
  4. Postpartum Herbs: Stocking up on either sitz bath herbs or purchasing them already made is helpful. Sitz bath herbs promote healing to the bottom area. My doula every baby makes me a bunch of soaked pads with witch hazel and dips them in a sitz bath full of herbs. My husband reminded her when she came over a few weeks ago not to forget the soaked pads. This is something you could do yourself, purchase the herbs pre-made, or if your local check out the Prenatal Mama’s Night Out Class where we will make these together.
  5. Rice Sack: An old fashion rice sack is good to have on hand. It can promote healing and be placed anywhere that is sore and sensitive.