Childcare Available for Most Classes – Serving Newborns to Age 8

Mama’s + Adults

Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga is one of the most beneficial types of exercise a woman could do during pregnancy. Renew Mama’s class is specifically designed to challenge and bring peace to you during this special time – all while in a community with other expectant mothers. Our comprehensive practice includes poses to help prepare the body for labor, to open the chest and to improve blood flow and oxygen to both mom and baby.


Barre classes use the stable wooden barre to support you while you lift, tone and engage muscles you may have forgotten you had. Each class at Renew Mama is a blend of unique exercises on your yoga mat or at the barre. Whether you’re a prenatal or postnatal mama, or just looking to rebuild your core – barre perfect for everyone.

Yoga Flow

This class will be both energizing and empowering! It will focus on building strength, releasing tension and calming the mind. You will leave feeling stronger, less stressed and re-energized. Prenatal and postnatal moms are welcome, and encouraged, to attend Renew Mama’s Yoga Flow class.

Private Yoga Session

Private yoga sessions are available upon request. Please email the studio for prices and to schedule.

Mom + Baby

Barre (Babywearing Friendly)

Your typical Renew Mama barre class but feel free to bring your baby along! Use the stable wooden barre to support you while you lift, tone and engage muscles while using your little one as a counter weight. Babywearing is welcomed and encouraged but not required. Bring a carrier or wrap, if you wish, otherwise lay baby down for tummy time. This class is suitable for babies newborn to age one.

Mom + Baby Yoga

Come to Renew Mama and bring baby along for a mom + baby yoga practice! Reconnect with all your prenatal yoga mama friends and practice yoga in a community of women who are experiencing the same things you are going through. This class is gentle and will support your new postpartum body. New moms are welcome to come back to mom + baby yoga between 4-6 weeks after birth.

Support Groups + Services

Mama Circle

Mama Circle is a FREE group for new and experienced moms to attend each Friday morning! This is a great opportunity for moms to share their experiences with each other and get advice from other moms in a safe and loving environment.

Topics Samples Include:

  • Baby Sleep
  • Keeping Pre-Baby Relationships Alive
  • Scheduling Family Time
  • Baby Bonding
  • Mama Self Care
  • Letting Go of Expectations
  • Birth Stories
  • Breastfeeding Advice
  • Parenting beyond the Newborn
  • Keeping Date Nights Alive

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Renew Mama’s on-site childcare allows you to enjoy class while little ones are nurtured in our play space. Our childcare experts care for babies to children age 10.

Childcare spaces are limited and on a first-come first-serve basis. Please register at least 24 hours in advance. If childcare is full, we will add you to the waitlist. Feel free to call the studio the morning of your class to find out if there are any last-minute openings or with any questions.

Fee: $5 for the 1st child + $2 for each additional child

Kids + Families

Pre-Tot Yoga

Pre-Tot Yoga is perfect for all of the Mom + Baby Yoga graduates. The class focuses on a combination of yoga, songs, play and sensory activities for your little one. Meet other mama friend while your little one works on their communication skills. This class is suitable for babies 9 months to 2 years old.

Toddler Art

Finally got a chance to sit down! Whew. Here is a couple sentences for art class…In Toddler Art Class kiddos get to explore colors, tools, cause and effect, their senses and much more! They get messy and creative while experimenting with process-oriented art. We’re all about the process, not the product! (Bonus: Clean up is a breeze because it’s not at your house!) Ages 1-4, siblings welcome!

Preschool Yoga

Kids Yoga

Kids yoga provides children ages 4-8 years an hour of imaginative yoga sequences, mindfulness, breathe work exercises, yoga games, art activities, and a relaxing savasana. Change of your kids regular routine and incorporate a new activity like yoga!

Family Yoga

In this family yoga class we will practice partner poses that strengthen our relationships, as well as our muscles. We will play yoga games and learn and enjoy yoga based activities with our families! Enjoy this special time with your child + partner while you learn and grow together. All ages and abilities are welcome, and encouraged, to join – babies too!


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Above are the weekly class offerings. Click on the schedule to view dates/times that are convenient for you. Private sessions are available, contact us for more information!



Renew offers a variety of classes for pregnancy, the postpartum period and beyond. We even have classes for people who aren’t pregnant or mothering a little one.

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Renew Pass

If you purchase the Renew Pass, you can attend as many classes as you want including mama circles for $59 a month and get 10% off both retail and workshops!

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