Nourish yourself. Nourish your baby.

Breastfeeding Class: Getting A Strong Start

May 18th, 2017 - 7:15-9:15p

Not your traditional hospital breastfeeding class; the info you need!

Getting into the right frame of mind
Attitude, reasonable expectations and confidence matter. You’ve got this!

How to build your team
Learn why Dad/Partner support is most vital.

The low-down on breastfeeding
How often? How long? And how to “read” your baby for answers!

Latch & Positioning
Getting both of you comfortable—and why it’s OK to improvise sometimes.

The In’s & Out’s of Bottles and Pumping
Pumps. Bottles. Preparing for back-to-work.

Pumping & Back to Work

$35 - Babies Welcome

Heading back to work or traveling after maternity leave and wondering what that looks like? Come learn how to use your pump to its full potential.

You will learn:

– questions on when to begin pumping
– how much freezer stash do you really need
– what size flange will work best for you
– best methods to obtain the most milk
– What are normal fluctuations in milk supply
– milk storage tips and paced bottle feeding ideas

You’ll leave with a custom plan, tailored to your work schedule and baby’s needs. We’ve got your back mama!

Helping you and your baby develop a
beautiful breastfeeding relationship.

Raquel Knack

As a local La Leche League leader for the past 15 years, Raquel has gently helped countless women navigate their way through breastfeeding challenges.  Her compassion and knowledge can help the most frustrated, tear-filled mama find her way to a good latch. Breastfeeding and mothering is a journey…and Raquel easily opens a comfortable space for mothers to connect to each other, as well as to those little-known resources that can make all the difference.

She specializes in helping mothers through the early weeks of breastfeeding, working and breastfeeding, tongue and lip ties, nursing through a low supply, and encouraging mothers through those challenging toddler years.  In addition to her love of breastfeeding, Raquel is also a natural childbirth educator and assists women through their births.