Helpful Apps for Pregnancy & Babies

Whether you’re trying to get pregnant, already pregnant, or just had a baby there are plenty of FREE helpful apps for you to download!  Depending on your stage in life there are a bunch of apps out there, wondering which ones are worth your time?  I’ve narrowed the list for you, please see below for a few recommendations on apps to make your life easier!

Are you trying to get pregnant avoid pregnancy?


Glow – Ovulation, Fertility, & Period Tracker

Glow helps women learn about their fertility, whether avoiding or attempting pregnancy. The ovulation calculator records your period, mood, symptoms, sex, and medications to assist in predicting your fertility.  It also assists those undergoing fertility treatments like IVF or IUI.

Clue – Period & PMS Tracker

Clue is designed to make tracking your fertility accurate, fast and friendly. Keep track of your monthly cycle by entering data about your period, pain, mood, fluid, sexual activity and personal notes.  Also, it includes educational material by answering questions like: is my cycle normal? When can I get pregnant?

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Are you pregnant?

Glow Nurture – Pregnancy Tracker, Due Date Calculator and Baby Bump

Named one of the 10 Best iPhone Apps and featured by InStyle, The Guardian, and many more!  This app is designed for simplicity and completely customizable, so it helps nurture YOUR pregnancy and your baby!

What to Expect – Pregnancy & Baby

This app goes great with the book “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” by Heidi Murkoff and will guide you through pregnancy day-by-day and week-by-week based on your due date. You’ll get tools and support to help you prepare and feel in control every step of the way – helping you achieve a happy and healthy pregnancy!

The Bump – Daily Pregnancy & Baby Tracker, Calendar and Registry

#1 app for first-time moms, offering unique features like: real-time answers to all of your questions, largest catalog of baby products and reviews across major retailers and many more! The Bump gives you trusted information back by experts and science that you can understand. Plus, find comprehensive updates about the changes and developments happening to both your baby and body.

Pregnancy to Parenting by Lamaze International

Put the power of the official Lamaze app in your pocket for the best possible start in your parenting journey! The comprehensive Pregnancy to Parenting app brings together the best available research to empower you to make healthy and safe decisions throughout your pregnancy, preparing you for birth and beyond. Baby’s first year and more!

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Glow Baby – Feeding, Sleep, Diaper, Milestones & Growth Tracker

Glow Baby will help you log and time all aspects of your baby’s care by helping you track feedings, pumping, bottles, milestones, poops, pees, sleep and more!  Also, it has partnered with Baby 411 (book for new parents) to give you daily articles that provide clear answers & smart advice for your baby’s first year.

Baby Nursing / Breastfeeding – Baby Diary, Timer & Activities log

Baby Nursing is an easy-to-use app that helps you track your baby’s nursing progress, growth, diaper changes, doctor visits and more!

Baby Tracker – Feed timer, sleep and diaper log for newborn

Baby Tracker was designed by busy parents, for busy parents.  It offers a simple streamlined way to track baby’s daily habits, health, and exciting “firsts” of those precious early days and months.

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Sleepy Sounds – Baby Noise Maker

Choose to play Lullabies, White Noise, Nature Sounds or your own music to soothe your baby to sleep.  The app lets you select how long you want it to play and will loop until the time has finished.

Tinybeans – Baby Milestones Photo Journal & Child Development Album

A must-have parenting app! Create your own kid or baby journal, track your child’s development, and share your cute baby photos with family and friends privately and easy!

Kids’ Wellness Tracker – created by Children’s TYLENOL® and Children’s MOTRIN®

This app makes it easy for parents to track children’s height, weight, BMI, vaccines, symptoms, and medicines.  This all-in-one solution brings together tools you need to manage your children’s health with ease.

I hope you find these apps as helpful as I did! They are a great way to keep all your information in one spot and put your mind at ease.  If you have any other apps you found helpful, please add in the comments below.  I’ve included a link for each app.. Happy downloading!
<3 JW