a co-working space for mamas to work, rest, and enjoy connection within our community

Already a Renew Mama monthly pass holder?  Unlimited access to the Mama Lounge is included in your pass!


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Child Care

Onsite child care allows you to enjoy class, while your kids are cared for!
$5 for the first child, $2 for additional 

Monthly Unlimited Childcare Pass available for all the kids in the family!
$40 per month, minimum 3-month commitment.
Can be added to any Renew Mama package!

Interested In Renting the Lounge?

The Lounge at Renew Mama offers space for businesses,moms groups, book clubs, or a variety of other organizations to rent the space.

The Lounge can be rented during regular business hours or during the evenings and weekends!

Contact us for more details!


Q: When is the lounge open?

A: 8:30am – 1:30pm Monday – Friday

Q: Is childcare offered during the lounge hours?

A: Yes! childcare is offered during 8:30am – 1:30pm

Q: What is the price of childcare?

A: $5 an hour for your first child, $2 any additional kids. We recommend our $40 unlimited childcare pass so you can enjoy unlimited care for your littles.

Q: How long can kids stay in the childcare while moms are working?

A: For a maximum of 3 hours

Q: What ages do you take in the childcare?

A: We watch kids 10 days old to 10 years.

Q: Who can use the lounge?

A: Anyone! Moms, dads, friends, nannies, sisters or whoever!

Q: Will there be a bed or two for little babies to sleep?

A: Yes, we will have pack and plays for little ones to rest well while moms work!