The Perfectly Packed Hospital Bag

Hospital bag… what do I pack?

Baby showers are complete, Nursery is ready; Time to think about the trip to the hospital!


To be completely honest, this was the part I was really dreading and wanted to put off. I was super excited to meet our baby, but the fear of the unknown with how the delivery would go was the part I was not excited about!  Putting that aside, I wanted to be prepared for when I went into labor and at 37 weeks I started to pack my bag for the hospital. Knowing me… I always overpack, so I wanted to be sure I only brought what I needed. I talked with some friends, reviewed the list from our birthing class, and googled checklists.  I learned that I needed to pack things for me, the baby and a list for my hubby.



Here are some of the essential items to pack for the hospital:



Insurance Info – Make sure you bring your insurance card and any other important hospital paperwork.

Flip Flops – Bring flip flops that can get wet for taking a shower or walking around on hospital floors.

Sleepwear – Don’t bring anything too nice, but you’ll definitely want a robe and slippers or socks to keep feet warm.

Favorite Toiletries or personal Items – Pack lip balm, travel size shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothbrush, toothpaste, face wash/wipes, facial cream, makeup, and hairdryer.  Anything you need to get ready and feel beautiful!

Nursing Supplies – You’ll need a couple nursing bras, nipple cream (make sure to put on BEFORE you shower), nursing pads, nursing pillow, breast pump or script for pump.

268d50bf79899f4f61e12354133fd69dComfy Clothes – Pack a couple nursing tanks, a few large undies that you don’t care about, comfy shorts or pants that are NOT tight around the waste, zip-up hoodie or lounging cardigan and something cute to wear home.

Phone Charger – Once baby arrives, you’ll want to be sure the phone is charged to let everyone know!

Camera – We did not hire a photographer to capture the birth, but we did bring our nice camera and asked one of the delivery nurses to take pictures of the birth for us and I’m so happy we did! She captured some great pictures.  So make sure you pack the camera bag with the charger.



09FM02A_MNB_NO_SIZE_1__73976.1430939813.1280.1280Diaper Bag – A few easy to put on outfits for baby, socks, hat, mittens, swaddle blanket, emery board, diapers and wipes.  I washed all baby’s clothes with Dreft laundry detergent before I packed them.

Going Home Outfit – We didn’t find out our baby’s gender, so I packed a washed boy and girl outfit.

Infant Carseat – A few weeks before your due date, be sure to visit the hospital or fire station to have a certified person install your carseat.  At the hospital, we left the car seat in the car until it was time to take baby home.



Overnight bag – Let him know to pack sleepwear, toiletries and a couple outfits.

Asleep-on-the-sofaSnacks – You’re not going to want him to leave your side, so make sure he packs some snacks!

Phone Charger – Once baby arrives, he’ll want to be sure the phone is charged to let everyone know!

Pillow – The hospital sleeping arrangements aren’t the most comfortable for dad, so he may want to bring his own pillow.


Once bags are packed, leave them in the car or near the door for when it’s time to go meet baby!  We wish you the best and hope you have everything you need to head into the hospital. Is there something you don’t see on the list? Please add below in the comments.
<3 JW