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5 Non-Candy Halloween Treats

For many of us, the idea of Halloween automatically includes candy, right? They just go hand-in-hand! We love treats as much as the next mama, but sometimes it’s nice to offer our children something other than more candy to add to their trick-or-treating haul. Whether you’re opting out of traditional treats because of sugar concerns or you’re just looking for something new to shake things up a bit, here are 5 non-candy treats to give out this Halloween:


Glow Sticks

What kid doesn’t love glow sticks? They’re pretty cheap (you can get a 100-count bag for around $12) and they entertain children for hours – or at least until the glow wears out. Passing out glow sticks for Halloween are more than just fun, they’re practical. With nighttime coming earlier and earlier these days in Michigan, glow sticks on Halloween night helps kids to stay visible and safe.


Mini Erasers

You know, those kind you can get in the seasonal dollar section that kids never actually use but love so much for a few days before they lose them. Pick up a pack of pumpkins or a variety pack of spiders, ghosts, and bats and you’re good to go!



I love small, simple things that keep kids entertained all by themselves or with each other! It’s so fun to sit back and watch at the kids take turns blowing bubbles at each other and popping them. Sure, the bottle ends up getting tipped over and spilled half the time, but that’s kids for you!


Bouncy Balls

Sometimes it’s the simplest toys that bring children the most joy. It seems like we have bouncy balls of every size and color all over the house, but Quinn and Landon just can’t get enough! Here are some Halloween-themed options. These ones are glow in the dark!


Temporary Tattoos

I don’t know about your kids, but mine go CRAZY for temporary tattoos. They love them! It’s not unusual to find a different tattoo on each hand, foot, ankle and forearm throughout the summer. Keep the good times going and pass out some Halloween-themed tattoos.