7 Experience-Based Holiday Gifts for Kids

If you’re like me, you’ve looked around at the scattered toys and endless piles of torn up wrapping paper on Christmas morning and thought, “Why did we buy all this junk??” We buy our kids gifts to make them happy and because it’s what we’re used to doing. Sometimes we get so caught up in the consumerism of it all that we forget the true meaning of the holidays. This year, I want to be intentional about my gift-giving. I’m focusing on giving my kids more experiences, rather than more things. If you want to do the same, here are 7 experience-based holiday gift ideas for kids:

A Day Date with Mom or Dad

This is a win-win for child and parent, bonding time is great for everyone! Dedicate a whole day of one-on-one time with your kiddo (or each kiddo, if you have more than one). Make breakfast together, play games, go to the movies and take them to lunch. Do whatever you want! You’ll get lots of special bonding time out of the day no matter how you spend it.


Children’s Museum Membership

Kids have a blast playing, but they also practice valuable skills and learn a lot without even knowing it! GRCM is offering holiday membership options right now, so it’s the perfect time to become a member!


Kids Yoga, Ballet, or Art Classes at Renew Mama

The classes and workshops at Renew Mama teach kids so much – see our previous blog post about the benefits of kids yoga to learn more about it! Bonus: mamas can get a workout in or get some work done in the Mama Lounge while the kids play yoga or dance.


Goldfish Swim School Lessons

Fun, but also very valuable for when Summer finally comes back around and you want to head to the pool or beach with the kids. Breathe a little easier knowing that they have the skills they need to swim on their own!


A family trip

This could be a big vacation or a weekend road trip an hour away. The point is the amazing family bonding that you’ll get out of this! Plus, it’s so important for kids to experience new places and see parts of the world (or country, state, and town) that they normally don’t. Travel of any sort gives the opportunity to learn perspective, practice gratitude, and foster curiosity.


John Ball Zoo Membership, Fredrick Meijer Gardens Membership

These are some of the best gifts for kids because they get them connected to nature! Treat each visit as a fun learning experience.


Ski or snowboard lessons

We do live in Michigan after all. Might as well make the most of it and learn how to be active and have fun in all this snow!


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