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5 Things That Make Our Preschool Program Special

We know you have options when it comes to sending your little one to preschool. It can be overwhelming! Here’s a quick breakdown of what makes Renew Mama Studio’s Yoga Based Preschool Program different than other preschools around town.

1. One Hour of Yoga Each Day

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The beauty of a yoga based preschool program is, of course, yoga! Our students will practice an hour of yoga, mindfulness, breath work, and movement each day. Preschool yoga is a high-energy style class that gets all those wiggles out! We will focus on the mind-body-breath connection, sensory awareness, and fun. Check out our previous blog on 6 Benefits of Kids Yoga to learn more about what yoga can do for little ones!

2. Process-Based Art Projects with an Educational Twist

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Each day at Renew Yoga Preschool, we will work on fun, educational art projects with our students. These art projects will go along with whatever topic or theme we are learning about that week. More importantly, they will typically be process-based! What does this mean? Process art is art in which the process is more important than the final product. This approach supports fine motor skills, sensory exploration, risk taking, spacial reasoning, and creativity. Learn more about process-based art with this great article by Fun-a-Day.

3. Introduction to Mindfulness Concepts at a Young Age

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Mindfulness is not just a great tool for adults, but for kids as well! Mindfulness can help ease anxiety and promote happiness at every age. What is mindfulness? Simply put, mindfulness is a particular way of paying attention. Mindfulness changes impulsive reactions to thoughtful responses. For preschoolers, mindfulness can look like a playing a game of freeze dance, studying a glitter jar or windmill, or looking through picture books.

4. Play as a Main Driver of Learning

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We believe that children learn naturally through play. They’ve been doing it since before they could walk! Their curiosity drives them to explore the world around them. We want to encourage this! Therefore, our preschool program will include opportunities for imaginative play each day, as well as sensory exploration.

5. Moms Can Run Errands or Stay for a Class of Their Own!

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It’s a win-win! Because our Yoga Preschool takes place in the studio, you’re more than welcome to stick around to take a barre or yoga class while your child is in class. Prefer to get work done in the Mama Lounge or leave to get some errands done around town? Go for it! This is a drop-off style program, so the 2.5 hours your kiddo is in preschool are all yours!

Renew Yoga Preschool’s Mission

Our preschool program specializing in kids’ yoga, learning through play, and building social-emotional intelligence so our little yogis can live their most meaningful and purposeful lives.

The Renew Yoga Preschool utilizes both yoga and play-based principles. Our instruction is rooted in yoga practices like the mind-body-breath connection, mindfulness, sensory awareness, meditation, and high energy fun.

We also believe that play is essential for optimal growth and that children’s natural curiosity is the main driver of learning. Our teachers strive to provide secure, warm, nurturing, and trusting relationships so students feel comfortable exploring and taking risks.

With these principles in mind we have crafted a stimulating academic learning environment rich in movement, music, creative expression, and joy that also sparks wonder and inspires awe.

Want to Learn More?

Check out the Renew Mama Yoga Based Preschool page on our website. You’ll find everything you need, including information on the days and times the program will be offered, tuition, and the preschool calendar. Enrollment is now open and closes June 30th, 2019. If you have any further questions about this program, feel free to email us at