baby nursery with crib, mobile, and fuzzy rug

5 Ideas for a Minimalist Baby Nursery

We’ve all seen beautiful Instagram pictures of perfect baby nurseries, right? Who doesn’t wish they had that for their little one?! As much as I can get swept away by cute decor and rows and rows of perfectly folded baby clothes in every size, I know that’s just not realistic for everyone. Especially for a mama that’s about to end the Mom of Four club like me! Plus, I’ve been trying to live a more minimalist life and I want that to extend into my new baby’s room as well. Here’s my recipe for a simple and minimalist (if not quite Pinterest-perfect) baby nursery:

1. Stick to a Neutral Color Palette

I’ve noticed that all of my favorite nursery inspirations are full of whites and neutrals! White or light wood cribs, cream walls, even neutral decorations. Sticking to a light and natural color palette is great because it makes even small rooms feel bigger and makes any room seem clean and fresh! Even rooms with splashes of color seem to keep things pretty toned down – perfect for creating a calm and relaxing environment for bonding with baby.

2. Keep Surfaces Clear of Clutter (aka decor!)

It’s easy to get carried away with adorable baby decor, art pieces, books, and all that. But a minimalist nursery has surfaces (dressers, changing tables, etc.) that are mostly clear of clutter and decor. This makes for fewer things to clean and less for the eye to look at. Anything that makes a room seemed tidier is a plus in my book!

3. Pick a Chair You Love

This is the one thing in a nursery I say is definitely worth splurging on a little. For those first days/weeks/months with baby, you’re going to be spending A LOT of time in your rocking chair. Make sure it’s one you love and want to sit in!

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4. Add a Statement Piece

Anyone else on the macrame trend? I’m still loving the look of these fiber wall hangings!

Other great options for a statement art or decor piece in a baby nursery include large, framed family photos, a fun light fixture, or something fun like a mobile or a teepee in the corner of the room.

5. Don’t Forget a Plant or Two!

Every room needs a plant! I love big, potted plants in the corner of a nursery or smaller hanging plants near the crib or changing table.

A few local spots to pick up great plants are The Plant Parlor, Plant Shop, and Peace & Toil.

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