Pregnant woman in pink dress stands in a field with her hands on her belly

Postpartum Tips and Products: Amanda’s Top Ten

I’m about to give birth to my fourth baby, so I guess you could consider me an expert in all things 4th trimester at this point! I’ve learned so much during each of the three postpartum periods I’ve experienced so far. I’m feeling pretty darn prepared this time around! Here are my top ten favorite tips and products that help the most after birth:

1. Invest in some good quality nursing bras

You will live in these bras! One of my favorites is the NOONI’s Sleep Bra – a local Grand Rapids mama created the product, which is always a bonus.

I also recently got this Foxy bra from Avyn in the color Stellar which look amazing as well. Avyn it’s a brand new company for the modern mom. The female founders couldn’t find a nursing bra that they loved, so they created one. I love it!

2. Get a Solly Baby Wrap

This baby wrap makes the 4th trimester so much easier. Another company created by a mama of four! My absolute favorite color is the Camel. I used mine with Jade and it’s still in great shape and ready to be used with the new baby. You’ll catch me wearing him around the studio for sure.

3. Stock up on the essentials from Earth Mama Organics.

Diaper cream for baby, nipple butter for me, and the herbal perineal spray. I love this company! Everything is certified organic and we stock it locally at Renew Mama Studio as well. Stop in and get what you need!

4. Do your research!

Some of my favorite books to have on hand when preparing for the 4th trimester are: The First Forty DaysThe Fourth Trimester, and The Postnatal Depletion Cure: A Complete Guide to Rebuilding Your Health and Reclaiming Your Energy for Mothers of Newborns

5. A Shipt membership.

When your partner goes back to work and the visitors stop coming to visit you’re going to need some groceries. Get yourself a Shipt membership and never look back. It makes new motherhood so much easier, seriously!

6. Purchase a membership at Renew Mama Studio in preparation for your postpartum journey.

Have it all ready to go so when you’re ready to come back to the studio for mom and baby yoga, barre, infant massage, lactation lounge you’re all set. We are here to support you on this motherhood journey!

7. Make ahead some meals

When preparing for meals after baby, the freezer is your best friend. Freeze all the make-ahead meals you can! Some of my favorites to have on hand are energy balls, a variety of soups, chilis, local meat, bone broth, oats for oatmeal, fresh fruit, and coconut water.

8. Invest in a good quality backpack to use as a diaper bag

I got a new one for my son that is arriving any day now – the Walker Family Goods Arrow Pack. I am so obsessed, I love it! The rest of my family has duffel bags by them as well, we can’t get enough!

9. Attend Renew Mama’s Make & Take Postpartum Prep Night!

This is such a fun (and informative!) mama’s night out! Before you pop that baby out, spend a night with other prenatal mamas getting ready for the fourth trimester. You will leave with herbs for a sitz bath and soothing pads to wear after birth. Sign up on Mindbody!

10. Always make sure you have a rice sack or a heating pad nearby

Your body may be pretty achy after birth. Also, a warm pair of socks or slippers are handy too! Bring all the coziness for me and the baby!

I hope these tips and tricks help you prepare for and venture into the postpartum period, mama. Remember – you can do this. It all gets better! And in the meantime, we’re here for you to give you tips, advice, love, and support. See you at the studio!