Mama Lounge

A co-working space for moms to work, relax, and build community.

Use this co-working space for anything and everything!

From taking a nap to growing your business! Co-working in the Mama Lounge is such an inspiring way of working. 

You will be able to enjoy the perks of The Mama Lounge with access to wifi, water, coffee, and tea, a judgement free space, and surrounded by women who are mom bosses just like you!


The Mama Lounge is perfect for...

Pricing & Rates

Already a Renew Mama monthly pass holder? — Unlimited access to the Mama Lounge is included in your pass!

Mama Day Pass

3 Hours of Lounge +
3 Hours of Childcare

Only $20

Mama Lounge Package

10 Visits + Childcare

Only $180

Interested In Renting The Lounge?

The Lounge at Renew Mama offers space for businesses, moms groups, book clubs, or a variety of other organizations to rent the space. The Lounge can be rented during regular business hours or during the evenings and weekends!